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5th Annual Beacon Rocks!


4th Saturdays, 1-5 pm

Roberto Maestas Festival Street


June 28, 2014

1pm: Comfort Food -  has a unique joyful sound. They play jazz, African rhythms, lots of percussion, improvisation, blues, traditional dance music with a twist and  turn and often host International guests to top off their style ‘Bitches Brew meets Fela Kuti’.
2 pm: A La Carte - Eclectic four part harmony serve a Capella! 
3 pm: Si Young -  a multi-talented hip hop artist from South Seattle, WA. He was born in July 1987 to an African Father and an American Mother. His early musical influences include Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Gospel and Reggae.
4 pm:  DBST - hail from the capital city of Olympia. Over the past two years they have cultivated a unique sound blending blues, rock and funk grooves with frontman Samuel Pohl's high energy yet genuine songwriting to produce a refreshingly original result.


July 26, 2014

Victrola the Band -Victrola forms a eclectic mix of classic, edgy, and modern sounds of Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock, Bluesy Rock, R & B, Pop, Hip Hop and Soul all into one. This foursome captures the ability to create Top10 music cranking out great tunes.

Cold Comfort  - was born through many rainy evenings in the Pacific Northwest. Crafty and driving, a combination of epic ballads and bluesy rock songs.

All Star Opera - New Age Bohemian Hip Hop || Creative and Familiar Musical stylings by OZ, Flow Carter, and Special T || This is, raw, young, refreshing dopeness || Organic Raps and Soulful Lyrics laid over Refreshing and Stimulating Beats.

The Black Tones - Seattle based band, influenced by the old souls of blues and rock n roll. If The Black Tones were one person and this was a dating site: I am outgoing, I'm mixed with 50% black, 25% white and 25% Filipino and I rock out.


August 23, 2014

Tumbuka - a marimba band that plays African music drawn from traditional and contemporary styles. The Shona word "tumbuka" means to flower or burst out.

The Hot Lands Trio - Paul Anastasio has been working tirelessly to preserve and learn to play the incredibly beautiful music from Tierra Caliente, Mexico for the past 12+ years.  The music is remarkable and much of it is unlike anything you have ever heard before.  Paul and guitarist Elena DeLisle-Perry are playing with world class player and Tejano roots music Hall of Fame inductee Juan Manuel Barco as the "Hot Lands Trio."

Rat City Brass - Rat City Brass calls their music "mid-century instrumental pop." The band pays earnest homage to the suave yet playful music of the Tijuana Brass, taking audiences not only to the dancefloor of the 1960s, but to Herb Alpert's imaginary border-town cantina where classic American pop gets a stiff shot of tequila, loosens its collar, and decides that Saturday night starts right now.

Stay tuned for details on this Summer's Street Fairs on Roberto Maestas Festival Street!






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