Beacon Arts Guild

You are invited! 

Beacon Arts is putting together a guild, a directory of local artists, musicians and performers, that will be public on our website. We want our community to know who you are, what do you do and what kind of services you offer. The end goal is to raise awareness and help promote you in our community. Being listed in the directory is free, if you are interested in joining please fill out the online guild application part of the form, we will review your application and contact you before posting any information online. Joining the Guild is free but we ask that you commit to 12 hours of volunteering annually to support the Guild.


A panel of Beacon Arts volunteers will review your application on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit

  • Professionalism

  • Quality of services



The first half of the form is a survey is to guide Beacon Arts on what kind of services you need to grow and prosper, even if you are not interested in being listed on the website we would appreciate your feedback. With the current pandemic and economic crisis, knowing what you need is even more vital. Let us know so we can grow and expand with you. 


Art Director

Kristen T Ramirez

I am a public artist who regularly takes on large-scale projects with budgets of many ranges. I can design, fabricate, and implement projects.

Art Director

Simon Makhuli

I create original and abstract cartoon characters.

Art Director

Day Moon Press - Therese LeNoir

Therese LeNoir at Day Moon Press does letterpress printing for custom projects (invitations, business cards, commissioned prints, ex.) and retail items (cards, broadsides, prints, & book arts). For custom work we use both handset type and plates made from digital designs, as appropriate; for retail items and personal projects we preference handset antique type, linoleum & wood relief cuts. Our storefront also carries printed objects from several other artists who use our space and equipment.

Art Director

Purple Heartist - Heather Sparkles

Heather Sparkles is a visionary artist with a background in realism and a focus on the spiritual world. Her artwork has a dreamlike quality to it; rich with color and emanating with powerful messages of hope and healing. She works primarily with acrylics, but paints with watercolors and oils as well. Heather finds most of her inspiration in nature and uses her intuition and emotions to guide her paintbrush. Portraits, animals, and imaginative landscapes are some of her favorite subjects to paint.

Art Director

1403 ArtSpace

A bright, beautiful place for artists and educators of all kinds to share knowledge and be creative in community. We offer classes, workshops, and drop-in studio hours for all ages and skill levels

Art Director

Iskra Fine Art

I create mixed media artwork that addresses sense of place, urban disruption and the counterbalancing healing power of nature. I work in photography, painting, drawing and digital printmaking, bringing all of my media together in a unique digital hybrid. I come from a printmaking background, and although usually digitally produced, my work resembles silkscreen or lithography, with qualities that are mysterious and difficult to categorize. I also write, and share my essays on place, contemplative art and the intersection of art and politics on my blog and on Medium. I have had my own design business for many years, and am accustomed to collaboration. I welcome commissions and customization of work for interiors. My work is included in the King County Portable Works Collection, and the collections of Kaiser and Virginia Mason.

Art Director

Jean Mann

I am local singer songwriter/ukulele teacher jean mann.

I’ve been teaching private, one-on-one lessons for over 5 years - beginning ukulele - kids to adults.

My goal is for students to learn new skills and have fun while doing so!
I teach in a comfy home studio setting in Mt Baker and NOW online via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc. Let’s make some happy noise together!

Art Director

Mama Ashlee @ Rainbow Pirate Crafts

I'm a Mother, Teaching Artist, Community Coordinator and Kids Activities Director for local music festival. I'm currently teaching Pre-K & Kindergarten art teacher and Journaling guide. I have lived on Beacon Hill for 9 years. I love my neighborhood and city. I have worked in preschool and elementary schools for over 10 years. I work with Beacon Arts and Wildcraft Kids as Vice President of both. I enjoy kayaking, camping, cooking outdoors, gardening, and spending time with my loved ones. One of my personal mottos is, Make Art Everyday!

Art Director

Marc Smason

Composing & playing for film, tv, theater and dance, I have performed throughout the world with such luminaries as Bennie Green, Baby Gramps, Big Joe Turner, Carlos Santana, Eddie Henderson, Andy Statman & Perry Robinson. encompassing many styles.



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