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Victrola Featured Artists Archive


December 2014-January 2015

 " Portraits of Beacon Hill" by Katie Schuessler 

Portraits of Beacon Hill is a project stemming from Kathryn (Katie) Schuessler's love of people and community. She made portraits of people who live and/or work on Beacon Hill, and collected personal, handwritten statements about their neighborhood.


Kathryn Schuessler is interested in the intersection between creativity, healing, and social justice. Her photographs have been published locally and nationally, and she has received grants from the Tucson-Pima Arts Council and the Arizona Commission on the Arts for her photography. Kathryn has taught photography, drawing, blogging, and English in the U.S., Japan, Palestine, and India. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is currently getting her Master in Teaching with an emphasis in visual art from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.


April 2015


Louise Croff Blake is a painter operating within Seattle's queer arts scene.  She works in oil paint and watercolor, and dabbles in experimental film. Originally from Boston, Louise graduated from the University of Puget Sound and is learning  to be a Seattleite.


This body of work focuses on concepts of texture, evolved out of earlier translations of the surface of brick walls. Rather than attempting the illusion of space or object, she builds the picture-plane out of individual, self-evident marks. Instead of visually translating referential subject matter, she documents her own time and action.


The portraits also highlight conscious translation, analyzing a specific moment in the details of the city's environment.  The textures of trees are often taken for granted, these paintings actively work to dissect the shapes and colors that build such a basic part of reality.  




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