September Artists coming soon!

June 27th Artist and Venues

Match up the venue to the event map. This lists the venue, their opening hours and the artist showing.

1.  Baja Bistro 2414 Beacon Ave S. 8am-10pm. Cameron Quinn - colorful paintings depicting the juxtaposition of wild and urban life, with a particular focus on the PNW.


2.  Inay’s 2503 Beacon Ave S. 9am-9pm.  Perri Rhoden - paintings of the “intimate and vivid embodiment of the female consciousness.”


3.  Bayview Triangle. 1-3pm. Beacon Hill Garden Club will be there to talk to the public about plans for the park and make a pinwheel garden!


4.  Walk All Ways Corner of Beacon Ave and 15th Ave South. 1-2  pm. BH Garden Club Rake Drill Team, Culture Shakti Dancers and dice game….that’s how we roll!


5.  Travelers Thali House 2524 Beacon Ave S. 12-9pm. Allen Kornmessen - iconic painting and mixed media.


6.  JMA Group 2528 Beacon Ave S., #A. Window. Kathy Wang. Hand carved linoleum blocks - all carvings are her original designs. Designs are printed onto paper for note cards and onto fabric to make into various kinds of bags (i.e. purses, totes, pouches, etc).


7.  Amor Spiritual Center. 2528 Beacon Ave. South Suite B. 1 pm - 8 pm.  Jeff Jordan. Jeff has a unique eye for finding beauty in everyday life. He has been a noted photographer for over 20 years in the Seattle area. He has a passion for nature, abstract, and seeing the beauty in all things.


Reagan Jackson About R.E.J.J. Arts: Multiplicity is a recurring theme in my life and my work. My multiple identities influence and inform my passions and interest. In addition to being a spiritual, black, feminist, woman, I am a writer, artist, traveler, teacher, and activist. I have chosen R.E.J.J., the initials of my full name, to brand my art and to be the eye of my creative storm. I will never be just one thing or be confined to just one modality of self-expression. R.E.J.J. Arts is a glimpse into the evolution of my creative life.


Kyndahl Carlson. Blessings in Nature began over the summer of 2012 as a request to the Universe at large for inspiration in my life. I wanted to find my purpose and passion and I asked to have this inspiration arrive in such a way that there was no doubt it was for me. One summer day in July while sipping my tea in the pergola the Garter snake skin shed lying within the grass became my sudden overwhelming inspiration and I felt incredibly blessed. Blessings in Nature was created from this inspiration and continues to evolve and grow just as a butterfly or dragonfly go through various stages before they have wings to fly. Handmade Jewelry & Keepsakes Inspired by Nature.


Rev. Allen Mosley is a motivational speaker, author, artist,life coach, Reiki master, and founder of the Amor Spiritual Center. Rev. Allen is an abstract artist and is known for his use of color and creating new ones.  Rev. Allen's artistic expression is where he expresses his creativity with abandon.


Jennifer Ahrnkiel Haley loves taking pictures and has for as long as she can remember.  She grew up in Maple Valley and has worked for the Tahoma School District for almost 20 years. From her first 110 camera to the current DSLR, every camera has been an upgrade to get the ultimate shot.  Things got serious when she set her sights on the hummingbirds who visit her yard all year long.  Mt Rainier is another favorite, if it is out, she is looking for the perfect vantage point to shoot it.


Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson

Ramon Deslauriers
Ramon Deslauriers



8.  Station Coffee 2533 16th Ave S. 5am-7pm.  Alex Garland - photography.


9.  El Centro de la Raza 2524 16th Ave S. 9am-5:30pm. Self guided mural tour.


10.  Culture Shakti Dance Studio. 2524 16th Ave S., #311. (Located on top floor of El Centro de la Raza). 1 - 5:30pm. Ramon Deslauriers. A smattering of sci-fi machine drawings on paper napkins, surreal and fantastical photo manipulations and abstract drawings. Works are inspired by anatomy and plants and the mysterious, magical side of human nature. Up through the month of July.


11.  Fresh Flours. 6 am-8 pm. Jameson S Hubbard. Over the past few years, Jameson S Hubbard has focused on illuminating the small and large realities of how humans fit into an ecological relationship with their environment.  By working with the traditional, low-tech medium of woodblock relief printmaking, he brings out the strong, sculptural character of the carved line while focusing on the narrative tradition of figurative art.  All of the woodblocks are hand carved using gouges, chisels, and knives, and vigorously pressed with a wooden spoon for the final edition of prints.


Little Owl Urns
Little Owl Urns

Cameron Quinn
Cameron Quinn

Becca Hearvin
Becca Hearvin

Little Owl Urns
Little Owl Urns


12.  Salon Nouveau 2805 Beacon Ave S. 8am-4pm. Liz Jameson.


13.  Perihelion Brewing 2800 16th Ave S. Barry Johnson - A study of emotions conveyed through the absence of color and emotion,


14.  Stevens Place Park Beacon Ave S & 17th Ave S. 1-7pm.

FOOD  Indonesian food from Goreeng, Sno cones, and Soul food from the Def Chef.  

MUSIC  at the Stephens Place Main Stage.  

VISIT  the Pac-Med, Beacon Arts, and Mobility Builders booths.

POP UP ART PROJECT  Draw with Doug Reed.



Modhome Ceramics, functional and sculpture pieces that reflect and are inspired by nature.

Fiddlebones, original Linocuts, as well as greeting cards and tshirts featuring my linocuts.

LITTLE OWL URNS, bud vases and pet cremation urns made from felt. 

Eva Yue Wang,surreal and fantasy watercolor and oil painting.

Kathy Wang Designs, see venue #6

The Cameron Quinn, see venue #1.

Kate Dougherty and Mary Lampe, see venue #24.


15.  Mori’s Massage & Bodywork 3001 Beacon Ave S. 1-5pm. Amber Anderson - displaying of 2-dimensional artworks of encaustic paintings on wood panels & graphite drawings.


16.  Pippy’s 3007 Beacon Ave S


17.  Taqueria Latinos at the Valero Station. Tacos and more!


18.  Chill Alley between Yoga on Beacon and Genesis Travel. 1-7pm. Massage therapists to offer chair massage at $1/min with a minimum of 10min/client.


19.  The Oak 3019 Beacon Ave S. Live entertainment from 4 - 6 pm.


20.  Bar del Corso 3057 Beacon Ave S. 5-10pm. Live mural painting.


21.  Hello Bicycle 3067 Beacon Ave S. 11-6pm. My name is Alaya Whitmore. I am 11 years old.  I live on Beacon Hill. My photos are from my recent trip to Italy. What inspires me to take pictures is the architecture, things like the whole building or maybe a cool detail on the side. When I took the pictures I noticed how there was so much detail and tried to capture it as best I could.


22.  Photo Booth by Kusina Filipina mural. 2-6pm. Stop by the Beacon Arts photo booth and capture the moment! 


23.  Kusina Filipina 3201 Beacon Ave S. 10:30am-7:30pm. Becca Hearvrin. Acrylic paintings in various sizes in bright colors. I'm fascinated by people and relationships and connections to our environment.


24.  El Quetzal 3209 Beacon Ave S. Kate Dougherty - oil/acrylic and watercolor paintings.


25.  Victrola 3215 Beacon Ave S. 7:30am-6pm. Angelina Tolentino - inspired by the flora and fauna of the oceans, as well as vintage burlesque, circus life, high fashion and costumes, I paint semi-surreal sub-aquatic worlds that marry all of these elements.


26.  Lee Family Association 3217 Beacon Ave S. 1-4pm. See a Lion Dance Head, receive a honorary Lee family member badges and fortune cookies. Mr. Deng of Deng’s Studio & Art Gallery will demonstrate Chinese calligraphy.


27.  Hair Skill Design 3226 Beacon Ave S. Window. Randy Warren - ceramic sculpture.


28.  Chobo-Ji Zen Center S. Horton and Lafyette. Visit the serene gardens. Tour the meditation hall, there’s plenty of art inside.


29.  Tippe & Drague 3315 Beacon Ave S. 1pm-2am. Katrina Perekrestenko. Photography.


30.  Denise Louie Child Development Center. 3327 Beacon Avenue South. Community booth.


31.  Daymoon Press. 3320 Beacon Ave S. Noon - 7 pm. Tess LeNoir. This selection will include oil paintings and digital prints which feature silhouettes and strong lines in character design, storytelling, and costume studies. Tess can be contacted through Daymoon Press, at the shop or at An ongoing archive of her work can be found at The art will be up through the end of July.


 Julia Fioravanti. I have been working on the paper cut pieces I am currently doing for the last 4ish years. All paper cuts are done freehand over a period of days or weeks with an x-acto knife. Recently, I have started to look into other ways of incorporating my work into homes such as sandblasting or metal work.