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October at Victrola Coffee on Beacon

Beacon Arts Pop-up Art Activity at

The 2016 Block Party at the Station


Beacon Arts partnered with The Station Community Coffeehouse and Got Green to organize the 2016 Block Party at the Station, an annual hiphop music and arts festival hosted by The Station. The event was held Saturday, June 18. Beacon Arts curated a visual arts alley featuring work for sale by local artists and hosted two pop-up art activities, the outcomes of which are installed here, including:


A map of Beacon Hill used to plot the route we all took to come together to attend the event.

An invitation to comment on: How is Beacon Hill Changing? Is it good? Is it bad? What do you miss? What are your hopes and dreams?

June At Fioravanti

Ann Hunstiger Photography


June 18, 2016  

6 - 9 opening reception

at FIORAVANTI, 3063 Beacon Ave. S


An intimate look at nature.

More info...

5th Annual Kimball Elementary Art Walk

Friday, April 29th 3:00-6:00


For the 5th year, businesses on Beacon Ave are hosting an ArtWalk dedicated to arts in education at Kimball. This year highlights art in Science. Discover art in geology, biology, meteorology and more!


Come explore the Beacon Hill business district, meet Kimball community partners, see live student performances, make art with us, and more! Beacon arts will have an art pop up booth, stop by and say hi!


All art is for sale to the general public. Prices are suggested donation, offer what you can. Proceeds support arts in education at Kimball, so we can do all this and more next year!


Get your map in front of the Beacon Hill Victrola and start exploring!

April At Fioravanti


Trish Maharam


April 29, 2016

6 - 9 opening reception

at FIORAVANTI, 3063 Beacon Ave. S


Trish Maharam, a Seattle artist combines her love of texture, nature and beauty to create works of art using knitting, felting and hand stitching on silks and linens. Fabric and wool filing, yarn and thread, are all chosen with care and love.


More info...

January At Victrola Coffee

Carina Booyens


Artist bio:

Cariña Booyens, was born in South Africa and studied at University of Tshwane, where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts. 


Her current work focuses on the expression of the internal landscape which finds its vocabulary in Nature. In this current body of abstract paintings she develops a visual language which describes a world which is seen with the emotional eye. The work springs forth as a spontaneous flow of movement that dances against a neutral but rich background that both anchors and frees the shapes that appear on it. 


Cariña loves to help individuals discover and tell their own stories through facilitating creativity workshops online and in person.

She also occasionally writes poetry and sings classical repertoire.


You can see more of her work at Mind Unwind in West Seattle, where she teaches Social Art Classes. 


There will be a reception for Carina at Victrola Coffee on Beacon Ave. Friday, Jan 22nd 6:00-8:00 pm.


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