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Entertainment Schedule

Match up the venue to the event map 


Venue 5  El Centro Lawn

1:30 - 4:30   Seattle Fandango Project/Fandango Workshops. Open to all!


Venue 11  Perihelion Brewing

3:30   Hank Davis


4:30   David Guilbault


Venue 14  Stephens Place Park

1:00    Franklin Lion Dance Team


1:15    Mural Dedication


1:30    Tambor e Cordas Brazilian music 


2:00    World Dance Party Starts with Samba! 

World Dance Party (WDP) is a fun party designed to get neighbors to interact and to celebrate culture
and diversity. Everyone from all backgrounds and ages is welcome. Several multicultural dances are taught by volunteer instructors in 20-minute mini-lessons, then everyone dances. 


2:20    Breakdance with Justin Gabriel and dance crew


2:50     Blues Dance. Karen R. Smith is a national level Blues Dance instructor who teaches local series classes

at the Seattle Center - sign up now at!


3:10    Nigun Atik, an Israeli Wedding dance with Glen Felias-Christensen


3:50    DJ Ian


4:10    Samba Reggae with Dora Oliveira


4:30    MixxedFit with Jessica Matsui local small business owner of Jessie’s Fit Club incorporated MixxedFit

includes a blend of explosive dance moves and boot camp inspired toning for a fun, fast 60 minute full body workout.


4:50    Japanese Obon Dancing by Seattle Betsuin Bon Odori Instructors

Content:  Tanko Bushi, Coal Miners Dance and Hanabi, Fireworks Dance


5:30    S-4 Seattle Subversive Square Dance



Venue 24 & 25 Back Patio Stage @ El Quetzal & Victrola

5:00    Si Young


6:00    Woodoo Boogaloo


8:00    Sebastian and the Deep Blue




For the line up for the June Art WalkAbout, check out the June Program map PDF below.


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