Propose a Project


Our mission is to create opportunity for artists and audiences on Beacon Hill. In addition to current Calls for Artists, we have the resources to support a variety of projects. Surprise us! Just be sure to follow the rules...


Rule # One: It must be fun.  We favor projects that inspire and delight, created with mutual respect and a genereous nature.


Rule # Two: It must build community.  Your project must be open to the public and bring our community together. There must be a cohort to help you, to have your back and see it through (we can help, we love rule #2!)


Rule # Three: It must pay for itself.  Our programs are free or suggested donation. This means our projects must include a plan for covering expenses. We can help direct you to grant sources, act as your Fiscal Sponsor, supply limited equipment, guidance, and resources. We can do a lot with very little.


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