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2024 Schedule:

This year's Jefferson Jumpstart Free Concerts will be on July 18, July 25, August 1, & August 8

If you would like to apply to play on one of these dates, Apply Here!

2023 Season:







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HVRST House Showcase

latin funk afro soul

That soothing yet profound fire in your Soul. The feeling of elevation, but with a deep-rooted Culture. Now imagine mixing that with a strong hit of Funk, chopping up a little Jazz, a steady (HEAVY) shake of Afro-Beat, and served in a Cuban Cigar smoked glass. This cocktail of flavors is what we call T E Q U I L A F U N K.


We are a family of Musicians and Artists that can vary from a 6-15 person ensemble and you never know what surprise guest will be joining us. You are guaranteed a unique experience every time.

dreamy indie rock

La Fonda is an indie rock band from Seattle fronted by Filipino-American sisters, Valerie and Veronica Topacio.


Centering their songs around themes of sisterhood and navigating the chaos of adolescence, addiction, xenophobia, and gentrification––to name a few––La Fonda creates sonically atmospheric, shoegaze-inspired tracks falling somewhere between dream-pop and alt-rock.

gunk pop

Hailing from the birthplace of grunge, Black, queer-fronted trio Black Ends belong to a subgenre of their own creation. Not quite psych-rock and definitely not indie, they established their elusive, sprawling sound on the 2019 EP Stay Evil, proving themselves to be completely unlike any band in the contemporary Pacific Northwest DIY scene.

Opener: Princess Pulpit

JULY 13 - AUGUST 3, 2023


hip hop + jazz funk fusion

featuring Noah Coinflip

& Friends

Noah Coinflip is an Alabama born prolific producer who has worked with countless artists from the city of Seattle. For his first solo show, he will bring along his friends as he performs recently released work as well as some unreleased collaborations with some of your favorite performers. Opening the show will be the young talent Isaiah Banks, a fresh and uplifting energy from Seattle who embodies talent beyond their years. This Hrvst House showcase is intended to highlight the vast amount of south end local talent and beautiful outdoor spaces Seattle has to offer.

opener: Isaiah Banks

2022 Season:

July 14th

The Whags grew out of a group of longtime musical friends who began collaborating in the summer of 2017 when an impromptu show crossed their paths. The resulting songs would become the foundation for an ever-growing repertoire, incorporating sounds of groove-driven psychedelic funk, harmony-laden sunshine americana, and the swirly, soulful improvisation of another era..

August 4th


SuperSones play the sublime music known as Son - the acoustic dance music of the Cuban countryside that inspired modern Salsa. Son is a unique blend of Spanish guitars and harmony, Afro-Cuban percussion and swing, call-and-response singing, and trumpet improvisation.


SuperSones' performance at Jefferson Jumpstart was live streamed by our Friends at Rainier Avenue Radio! View this recording on YouTube, Facebook, or the Rainier Avenue Radio app.

July 28th

Born in Japan and raised in Seattle, Washington, Tomo Nakayama is an artist whose melodic, complex and emotionally compelling music has been praised by NPR, New York Times, and The Stranger.

Tomo Nayakama's performance at Jefferson Jumpstart was live streamed by our Friends at Rainier Avenue Radio! View this recording on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter,

or the Rainier Avenue Radio app.

August 11th


Elias Alexander is a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who's work weaves together traditional music, electronic production, and songwriting around themes of belonging, connectedness, and liberation.

His new project "Ramblxr" combines Elias's instrumental playing (bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, percussion, whistles and synths) with his catchy, pop-influenced dance production.

Watch or listen live at YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or Twitter.

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2021 Season:


West African Music & Dance band fusing traditional Griot and Djeli music with Afro-Beat and the modern music of Guinea.


Kole Galbraith, a sound artist immersed in experimental music across genres, will open the night. somesurprises to follow, spectral synthpop, motorik beats, reverb-drenched vocals, washes of fingerpicked guitars, and hazy synths. Special guest cellist Lori Goldston.


a dreamy mix of hip hop, soul, and ambient soundscapes.  


intricately arranged, multi-part harmonies and hip hop pulling from R&B, Gospel and traditional Samoan music. Mak Fai Dragon & Lion Dance to open. 


Northwest devil swing, end of the world love songs, whiskey bottle yodel folk, and more.

2022 Schedule


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Barbara Guzzo & Paul Purcell 

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