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Sunday, August 16  

We are moving into the rendering Phase and Artist Will Schlough is working on refining one of these ideas into a final design for our first mural!


Join us, Sunday August 16th to share the fruit of his  labor and the delicious fruit from the pear orchard at Garden House!


Fun and pears and snacks for the whole famiily!


Share your pear recipes or come collect a few of ours.


Join the Facebook event!


Mural image sketches on display

Large scale sketches by Anjali Grant & Will Schlough are on display at 3320 Beacon Ave S and at 2532 Beacon Ave S. These 4X8 foot sketches are inspired by of the great community input e have recieved.


Keep an eye out on the street for samples of their or work!


Stakeholders preview and feedback session Tuesday,  July 21, 2-4pm at Beacon Hill Library Community Room. email for details    

Sketch #1

Our first study image is of a ginger root wrapped in cloth, and then unwrapped.

We wanted to invoke family, food, home—something precious that is perhaps carefully transplanted from one home to another to root anew—in fresh soil as it were.

We were interested in the idea of a plant—the raw rather than the cooked—as raw foods are transformed by different people in multiple traditions and evoke multiple histories. 

The raw plant, the garden, or the food market is where they intersect.

Some other food plants that come to mind are

okra/bhindi, longbeans, shiso/perilla, bitter melon


What foods are important to you? What foods do you remember? What foods for the future?


Tell us your food story.

Anjali Grant & Will Schlough


June 27, 2015

Sketch #2

For more than ten years, Triangle Park was the site of the annual Pinata Party—A celebration of Beacon Hill and it’s diverse and dynamic community. Pinatas have a long, 

rich history in a multitude of cultures, but all around the world they are used to bring people together.

The goal of our second mural study is to visually continue that tradition of celebration. 

This exploding piñata releases fruits and vegetables from a wide range of cultures represented in Beacon Hill. The image embodies the energy and excitement that can be

found throughout the neighborhood, while referencing a Beacon Hill tradition and adding color and movement to the mural site.


What other objects or events come to mind when you think of Beacon Hill?


Do you have a favorite memory of the Beacon Hill community?


Anjali Grant & Will Schlough


July 7, 2015

Input Survey closed now we start cookin'! 

Beacon Arts collected many stories, images and opinions to help us create at least one mural for Beacon Hill that reflects the beauty and the unique flavors and history  of our community. Thanks to all who participated!.

Out reach at Golf Club House dedication May 16!

Thanks to Jonathan McKinley & Marina King for representing Beacon Mural Project at Jefferson Golf Course Club house Dedication!


If you can not attend and would like to comment please take this survey. Click Here!

Community Brainstorm!  

Noon to 4pm, May 16, 2015

You are invited to share your ideas, talents and contacts to help Beacon Arts create a beautiful Multi-Cultural Mural to celebrate our neighborhood.

Join us NOON Saturday May 16 at Jefferson Community Center to learn about our plans for developing the image and share your ideas. We want to hear from artists, community groups and residents. Tell us what is important about Beacon Hill, the stories, the people and the history that should be considered and included in this public art.

At this event you can:

  • Listen and learn how this project will be conducted over the summer.

  • Share your stories and ideas for images with organizers and other participants by talking, and or drawing.

  • Join the Steering committee to make it all happen

  • Apply to be an artist on the design team or the mural installation team.

  • Meet your neighbors and learn what they love about our community.



Beacon Mural Project Awarded Department of Neighborhoods Matching Grant!

We are happy to announce that Seattle Department of Neighborhoods has awarded Beacon Arts $20,200 in a Small and Simple matching fund grant to create a mural for Beacon Hill.

We begin by reaching out to you, our community, to learn what images or stories you feel are important to include in this artwork. Our partners: Beacon Hill Merchants Association, the North Beacon Hill Council, Jefferson Advisory Council, El Centro de la Raza and others join us to share information about this and other public works and art projects in the months ahead.

Please watch for mailers from us about free public events where you can be part of this project. We will make every attempt to translate materials into multiple languages and have interpreters on hand to make sure everyone who wants to contribute is able to. If you are able and willing to contribute translation services for our written materials, please contact me

We look forward to a summer of joyful creative endeavor!

Beacon Junction Revitalization

The next phase will be a combined effort by all of our partners to develop a comprehensive plan for adding public art and amenities to this junction at the heart of our northern business district. We are seeking volunteers and expertise in designing a pocket park with new features that increase positive use of this space, enhance the shopping experience for the adjacent businesses and will include murals on adjacent private property.


Click here to volunteer!

Phase One Complete!

Bayview Triangle

This project began as an effort to clean up this Seattle Department of Transportation property at the intersection of BeaconAve S and !5th Ave S. The negative behavior in this overgrown corner was having a bad effect on the surrounding business area.


Last December Beacon Arts partnered up with the Beacon Hill Merchants Association, the North Beacon Hill Council, the Shell Station, Baja Bistro, Lioe's Automotive, and the Department of Neighborhoods  to bring some attention to this little traffic island by hanging holiday lights on a tall pine tree there.


This summer Marina King, our lead volunteer, added SDOT, Seattle reLeaf and ForTerra  to out team and led a work party to clean, weed and trim the overgrown shrubs to open it up.  Saturday November 22 , with financial support from DON, we will be planting flowering perenial plants to complete this first phase of improvements to this intersection.

On Saturday, November 22nd, despite threatening clouds and spatters of rain, 11 volunteers from Beacon Arts, Beacon Hill Merchants Association, Beacon Hill Garden Club, Seattle Tree Ambassadors, and interested neighborhood residents converged on the corner adjoining the Shell Station at 15th & Beacon to pick up trash, weed and then plant approximately 100 flowering perennials. After 3 hours of work, the group celebrated with snacks provided by The Station Cafe, Inay’s Restaurant and the Shell Station.


Beacon Arts received a $1000 Small Sparks grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to do landscaping improvements on the corner, which was the location of last year’s Christmas Tree lighting. The goal held by Beacon Arts and the Merchants Association is to re-design the  intersection at Beacon Avenue and 15th Avenue South,  to become a gateway to the north Beacon Hill Business District and neighborhood.  The “Christmas Tree” corner is has been re-named Bayview Triangle pocket park for the purposed of this project. It looks neat and tidy now and the flowers will provide a beautiful show next spring and summer.  It will contribute to the intersection re-design by providing a green oasis for pedestrians walking between homes, businesses and the bus and light rail. Please contact Beacon Arts about this ongoing project.

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