Beacon Arts Guild

You are invited! 

Beacon Arts is putting together a guild, a directory of local artists, musicians and performers, that will be public on our website. We want our community to know who you are, what do you do and what kind of services you offer. The end goal is to raise awareness and help promote you in our community. Being listed in the directory is free, if you are interested in joining please fill out the online guild application part of the form, we will review your application and contact you before posting any information online.


A panel of Beacon Arts volunteers will review your application on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit

  • Professionalism

  • Quality of services



The first half of the form is a survey is to guide Beacon Arts on what kind of services you need to grow and prosper, even if you are not interested in being listed on the website we would appreciate your feedback. With the current pandemic and economic crisis, knowing what you need is even more vital. Let us know so we can grow and expand with you. 



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