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all images/media courtesy of the artist

Diana Vinh

I love to make things: watercolor paintings, botanical embroidery, baskets and fair isle knitting are my current focus.

For as long as I can remember being outdoors has been my favorite place. The odor of plants, the feel of the sun and the sounds of wind and birds is a pure and soothing magic. When I create with natural materials I’m making tangible this deep connection and bridging the gap between myself, other people and the wild earth. I grow the lavender for my sachets, naturally dye silk threads and embroider flowers from the garden. Baskets are made with willow from my yard, watercolors and photo cards are scenes I love and Fair Isle hats are knit with hand dyed yarn from a neighbor’s sheep. In sharing my work I strive to connect with people and inspire a love for the simple beauty that surrounds us.


    Basket weaving
    Natural dyes


    Art events
    Collaboration with other artists
    Gallery shows in community
    In person classes
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