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Ife Ina

Singer and songwriter

Ife’s intimate songwriting style and subtle arrangements combined with his intense yet broad vocal range make him a natural for adult progressive audiences. He has the ability to balance the scales between complexity and simplicity. Trying to go unnoticed in a bustling coffee house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district the statuesque performer strikes more than an arresting image to curious patrons. While performing at open mic, Ife was spotted by talent scout Tom Killorin of Play Network. After hearing Ife sing, Mr. Killorin was impressed enough to offer Mr. Ina the opening spot at an event featuring Grammy winning artists Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbell.

Mr. Killorin summed Ife's artistic passion when he said "This is your love and you would do it for free..but you'd like to get paid."

"Ife has played in our outdoor concert series and a private party and we plan for more concerts in the future! His authentic style allows him to deftly move around several music genres which he uses to weave great stories that will break your heart or get you dancing. He is a unique singer and songwriter." - Mason Wiley Associate Director at University Heights Center

“With the right producer he’s and international artists just waiting to happen”, says Tom Mehren of Sounds of Seattle”.


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