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Movies that inform, movies that inspire



Doors open at 6:15, Movie starts at 7:00

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About us

Beacon Hill Meaningful movies is an affiliate of Meaningful Movies and a program of Beacon Arts.


We screen free monthly documentaries for our neighbors on the third Friday of the month, followed by a community discussion.


Join us at the Garden House (2336 15th Ave S. across from the Shell Station), which is served by METRO # 36 and 60 and is 2 blocks north of the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station. 


Our program is supported by donations from the community.  Your generosity is appreciated.


Check out our current lineup here...

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2014 Archive
Friday, December 19, 2014 7:00 pm 
  Nothing Like Chocolate

Nothing Like Chocolate is a film that brings together themes we explored in our season's films; the environment, fair trade, fair wages, dignity of all work. Follow the efforts of a determined young man to produce slave free, locally sourced, organic, cooperatively produced bean to bar chocolate from a small solar powered factory on the island of Grenada.  Winner of many film festival awards.  A film with heart. Narrated by Susan Sarandon. 


This is our season finale and we will have some delicious door prizes!


Click here to watch trailer


Grenada Chocolate Company


Friday, November 21

Princess Angeline

This film from 2010 tells the history of the Duwamish Tribe, Seattle's first people.  It uses the life of a Native American woman whose traditional way of life intersected with our city's first white settlers to examine the treatment and ultimate displacement of Duwamish peoples from Seattle.  More recent history of the tribe and their struggle for  federal recognition of their tribal status is also examined.


 Sandra and Yasu Osawa, Seattle filmmakers, will join us for the discussion and DVD's will be available for a reduced price.   Every Seattle resident will benefit from seeing this wonderful film.  



For more information:

Upstream Video Productions

Duwamish Tribe

History Link

Friday, October 17,
Shift Change,
True Stories of Dignified Jobs in Democratic Workplaces

A documentary released in 2013 which examines worker owned businesses and their impact on individuals and local economies.  Starting with the 50 year old network of cooperatives in Mondragon Spain, the film moves to examine smaller examples in the US.  From bakeries, manufacturing and pharmacies to commercial laundries and cleaning services, the cooperative model of organizing a business can strengthen communities while providing secure dignified jobs in democratic workplaces.


Film makers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young will join us for the discussion.  Guests from local cooperatives will also attend.


click here to watch trailer of film


More information:

Shift Change


Peoples Memorial

Equal Exhange




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