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Beacon Hill Songwriters' Circle

Join our monthly Songwriters'  Circle 

Have you have been humming little songs to yourself? Perhaps scribbling bits of verses and choruses on napkins? Or are you playing and performing songs, but wondering if they could be a little better? Maybe you just need help trying to work the word "prehensile" into your song lyrics?

Come join our casual songwriter's group and get feedback and support from other songwriters. Our format is to sing or play songs (or song ideas) you want feedback on. If you can bring 5 or 6 printouts with lyrics and/or chords for your song, that would be great. A keyboard is available. 
$5 suggested donation to support the sponsoring organization Beacon Arts.

The Circle is usually held at Jack LeNoir's house. The 2nd sunday of each month at 3pm through April. The third Sunday of May at 3pm and no events in the summer.

Contact for location and more information, , or call Jack  at 206-721-0064.

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